Chore Scout is Live

It is with great pride that we announce the official launch today of ChoreScout, an app for kids and parents to get their work done around the home and get paid, with 2 Australian banks, Unity and Reliance. The teams on both side have worked hard and smart over the last 18 months to go from…

Building a child banking strategy

According to the World Savings and Retail Banking Institute “to achieve true financial capability, people need not only the ability to act through financial education, knowledge, skills, confidence and motivation, but also the opportunity to act through access to adequate banking services and institutions. Without access to these banking products they will not build the…

“Bring back the piggy bank”

Chore Scout is the first mobile banking app of its kind, designed to help parents and kids have conversations about money, It has four goals Help children understand the value of money Help Children understand the value of saving Help Parents get stuff done around the home Help banks compete on purpose Chore Scout is…

Chore Scout is in Beta

Moroku believes that banking customers will be serviced by a constellation of mobile apps, with each app targeted at specific life or game stages. This hypothesis is based on Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi, the former head of the psychology department at the University of Chicago, and his work into “the Flow” and keeping people engaged. We believe that…

How we thought about Chore Scout

Chore scout was built for the customer owned banking industry to address some specific needs

Understanding Flow.

Be the flow

Treating banking as a game

Summer mood