Chore Scout is Live

It is with great pride that we announce the official launch today of ChoreScout, an app for kids and parents to get their work done around the home and get paid, with 2 Australian banks, Unity and Reliance. The teams on both side have worked hard and smart over the last 18 months to go from a blank piece of paper to an app in store, connected to core banking systems. Those that have been involved in such a process know the complexities that involves and the work involved.

ChoreScout, makes paying kids for chores easy and fun, whilst also teaching financial literacy and the value of money. The application allows parents to create a list of chores and the children to submit photos of the completed task in return for pocket money. In addition to improving financial fitness for children, the app allows financial institutions to brand the app themselves, increase the loyalty and ‘stickiness’ of their adult customers while also starting life-long relationships with the next generation of customers. Chore Scout is integrated into the financial institution’s own mobile banking app, so payments can be made securely and easily in the app itself and making the money real, a key component of any literacy program.

Moroku’s ChoreScout is available today for banks that use the Cuscal mobile banking app, Redi2Pay and Temenos core banking with further integrations soon to be announced via a proprietary integration harness within ChoreScout that makes integration relatively straight forward.

Thanks to everyone who has helped get us here today; the awesome team at Moroku, Unity and Reliance for the courage to be first as well as all the other banks around the world that have expressed a strong interest in the platform and helping us to refine to proposition.

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