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Guardian FAQ

Q. How do I get Chore Scout?

A. First check with your bank if Chore Scout is supported on their system,

then download it from the App Store or Google Play.


Q. How do I register?


A. When you start the app, you will be required to choose your Username, select an Account*

and create a PIN.

Note: * Your list of Accounts will be personal and retrieved from your bank.


Q. How do I add a child?

Screenshot_20160722-135607     Screenshot_20160722-140203 3.02.16 pm

A. Press the Add Child button, provide a name, an image(optional) and choose an account

to transfer money to the child.

Note: This account will also be selected from your list of accounts.

Q. Can I have more than one child on a device?

A. Not today. You can only have one child app on each device and each child app only supports one child. Parents can manage multiple children, but today they must each have their own device.


Q. How do I link?

Screenshot_20160722-140920 11.29.29 am   Child-linking

A. You start the linking process by tapping the LINK button on both the

Guardian and the Child applications, once they start searching they need to be close by

otherwise you may have try again.



Q. How do I add a second child?


A. The plus button at item 2 will open the Create Child screens and allow you to add

as many as you require.



Q. How do I assign a chore?

csp_child_profile_screen    csp_childs_chores

A. By tapping on a child in your list you will open the Child Profile Screen, here

you can view and set chores for your child. Open the Chores Screen by tapping

on the See Chores button, and finally Add Chore.



Q. How do I see my child’s goal?


A. View Goal Button – No. 2 above: This button takes the user to the selected Child’s

Goal Details Page. Here you can view the goal name, image and progress.



Q. How do I pay my child?

csp_child_profile_screen        csp_pay_child

A. By tapping the Pay button on the Child Profile screen the user will navigate to the

Pay screen. Here you can edit the amount to be paid and the

MAKE PAYMENT button will process the payment.



Child FAQ

Q. How do I see my goal?


A. By tapping on the image of your goal on the dashboard, you’ll be whisked away

to your Goal Details page, here you can see all your progress towards your goal

and when you’ll likely complete it!



Q. How do I see my Chores?

A. Once your Guardian has assigned you a chore, it will show up on the dashboard

much like this:



Chores in blue are chores that have been assigned to you and not yet completed.

Chores in red mean that they’ve been rejected, probably because you haven’t quite finished it yet

tapping on it will take you to the Chore Messages Screen where your Guardian has told you why.

Green chores indicate that you have completed the chore!



Q. How do I show I’ve finished a chore?

CSC-dashboard-with-goal   Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 1.31.25 pm

A. Once you’ve completed your chore, you tap on that chore on your dashboard

and you will be shown a Messages screen specific to that chore. You can send your

Guardian a message and a photo if you choose letting them know you’ve done

what they asked!



Q. How do I get my money?

A. When it’s time for your allowance to be paid (and you’ve completed all your chores), your Guardian will be informed that they have to

pay you. Once they decide how much that is, the money will be sent to you.



Q. What do I do when i’ve got my money?


A. Once you’ve been paid, you will get a notification letting you know.

Once you’ve received your money you will have to choose where that money will go.

You’ve got two choices, Spend or Save.



Q. What is Spend or Save?


A. Spend or Save are the two choices of  where your

money will go. Say you have been paid $20 for your allowance, you want to put

some money towards your goal so you move $10 to Save. That money will count towards

your saved amount total which counts towards the goal you want to save for.

Moving the remaining $10 to Spend means that you want your Guardian to give you $10

in cash.

Once you’ve made your choice, your Guardian will be notified,

at that point it’s up to them to send the dosh!