Treating banking as a game

Play by definition is purposeless and seems to be something that we do when we’re not working on things that are important. However when we un pack play we realise that play is anything but trivial. Play is essential to life. Play is fundamental to how we build social, problem solving and indeed many life skills. When we look into the animal kingdom we find that play is used by every species to build crucial life skills right across the age spectrum. We find that we are designed by nature to flourish through play. Research shows us that play is not just joyful and energising, it’s deeply involved with human intelligence, progress, exploration of the possible and skill building. Accordingly there is a strong correlation between success and playful activity.

Games bring structure to play. Games define outcomes, rules, behaviours and winning within which to play. Tennis, backgammon, cards and board games are all very examples of how play can be structured and still be fun, sometimes more fun. In Financial Services, Monoploy has long been a standard bearer for introducing concepts of wealth and investing to generations of customers.

Games not only bring the fundamental element of play to the table but also introduce the rules, constraints and objectives that define winning and do so in a way that is incremental and evolving. Rather than study a text book or read a website, games give us incremental feedback on guidance as we build skills and are able to take on increasingly complex scenarios and do so at improved speed and accuracy. Sports are very good examples of this. We can introduce children to almost any of the classic sports games and as they get bigger, stronger and smarter, developing skills everyday they are able to compete at a higher and higer level. At Moroku we imagine that the possibilities for Financial Services of harnessing game elements are endless, purposefull and very sustainable.

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